Pillar Printing

Our Company

Pillar Printing is a flexible, integrated Print production facility, providing innovative printing services worldwide.

Being autonomous, constantly investing in our products and services in order to exceed market expectation, and fostering long-term relations with our clients is what determines our decision in every aspect of our company.

This is what drives our evolution for more than 20 years now, and this is seen in continuous equipment and software investments, creativity, and our people expertise.


Pillar Printing

Why Choose

In an industry that is constantly evolving, with new technologies applied to printing machinery, materials used and high competition, we are proud to introduce our company as the printing company that speaks the marketing language. We are the supplier that will: carefully listen to client’s bried, design & illustrate the desired pop material, stand or brochure. We produce deliverables that exceed clients expectations in respect to deadlines, high quality products.



Eco Printing

We use certified high-quality materials and process less printing plates without the usage of chemicals.

Eco-friendly printing procedures are 100% without the usage of alcohol (IPA), a system that we are extremely proud of and follow since 2012.

This system not only is eco-friendly, but with zero environmental waste…but, also friendly to our employees that don’t inhale dangerous alcohol for their health.

Our Mission

Create and produce outstanding printing solutions that communicate brand’s selling and communicating target.

Our Vision

To remain a leading printing company that will continuously invest in our evolution. Remain customer centric, competitive… with but always with respect to a greener environment. Our spine line to achieving this? Our employees, which with continuous seminars and workshops are involved in the process of remaining on track with our values and vision.